akdenizAkdeniz Mineral Resources (AMK) produces and commercializes a wide range of high purity Caustic Calcined Magnesia (Magnesium Oxide, MgO) products with different chemical and physical properties. i.e. MgO with purity ranging from 80% up to 98% and specific surface area (SSA) from 10m²/g up to 90m²/g.

The company’s major deposits and production facilities are located in the Eskisehir area (Kümbet – Erenköy)  in the Central-Western part of Turkey. The deposits consist of three main concessions totaling 4.238 hectares with significant proven reserves. Mining of magnesite ore (cryptocrystalline type) is carried out open cast. The main factory is located at Kumbet and consists of 2 shaft & 1 rotary kilns with a combined calcination capacity of >36,000 tpa of CCM, post processing facilities (i.e. crushing, screening, magnetic separation, mixing, milling, packing, storage, forwarding), offices, laboratory - quality control, earthmoving equipment maintenance workshop. Assets also include four pre-beneficiation facilities at Aktepe, the main beneficiation plant in Erenkoy (crushing, washing, screening, magnetic separation, sorting) and the headquarters located in Istanbul. Akdeniz employees 60 people on a permanent basis (plus 40 more during the mining season). The company covers widely the local market while exports represent 90% of its sales volumes.

Today AMK is a modern and successful company with a substantial know how in mining, processing, calcination and marketing of 
magnesia and its compounds. It has grown into a competitive operation with the benefit of consistent and flexible mining and production.

Akdeniz Mineral Resources is a Joint Venture with Grecian Magnesite.